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 IKer de Peque aka ‘’Bafometart’’


Artist Iker de Peque aka ‘’Bafometart’’ was born in Bilbao, in the Basque Country, Spain in 1979.  At an early age, Iker was faced with having to undergo numerous surgeries and spending a good deal of his childhood in hospitals.  It was there that he discovered the art of drawing, which not only occupied his time, but inspired him to pursue a creative journey of discovery.  A journey that would lead him to creating works of art that today are part of many private collections. 


In 2001, Iker graduated from college with a focus in Graphic Design, Art and Multimedia.  In his pursuit of a direction that he wanted to take his art, he developed a passion for drawing erotic bear and chub art.  In 2011, he moved to California, found love and worked with the Tom of Findland Foundation (TOFF).  While at TOFF, he was a featured artist in the West Hollywood Gay Pride for two years in a row, as well as acknowledged for his art in other foundation events. 


In 2016, de Peque lost his long-time husband and thereafter relocated to the Palm Springs area of Southern California, where he lives with his current husband and continues to create works of art that nurtures his soul and allows him to express himself in the most colorful ways.   


Iker’s work was recently featured in the online publication for my homo erotic chub artwork.


“Although I am mainly a surrealist artist, I also enjoy landscapes, portraits, and anything that the brush leads me to paint. “

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