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Daniel Lee Pollock

I was born and raised in Southern California and have spent the past 31 years living on a fifteen-acre ranch located in the High Desert.  Which sits at the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest.                    

I am a woodsman turned artist.  My first love has always been the forest and its tranquility, which inspires my art.  I use woods such as White Fir, Giant Juniper, Cottonwood and different types of pine as my medium of choice.

When creating a sculpture, it is very important to me to always find sources for my wood that will not require a living tree to be cut down.  As I sand and smooth I seek to reveal each piece own gentle lines from its organic flowing movement found in nature.  Each piece is a one of a kind

My sculptures are sometimes for the sake of art and sometimes function, often both.  In any case, every sculpture has its own charm and appeal.  Each sculpture adds a special serenity to any environment.

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