Russell Jacques Portrait.jpg

Russell Jacques


On Sculpture . . .

" Although I work in a diverse range of materials which include bronze patina, painted steel, and aluminum, most of my work is done in various combinations of stainless steel and bronze. In using these materials, I consistently try to attain a simple elegance in each composition with an emphasis on thick-thin line variations synthesized with rhythmic and interesting shapes."

On Painting . . .

"In the development of my canvas, I try to arrive at something straight and simple . . . a kind of abstract matrix of line and color; moreover, linear improvisations and interrelated patches of color seem to both guide and challenge me at the same time. Quite exciting!"



Russell Jacques is an internationally known sculptor and painter.  His unique style and technique enable Jacques to bring the individual closer to an understanding of his medium.  He designs his outdoor sculptures to be an integral and complementary part of the architecture.  He describes his pieces as elegant in look, delicate in character and soothing in response, with an almost ethereal contrast to the landscapes they occupy.​

A native New Englander, Jacques received his BFA from Boston University and completed post-graduate studies at Westfield State College for Massachusetts teacher certification.  After spending sixteen years in the public school system, he launched his full-time career as a sculptor and painter.  He has been listed in “Who’s Who in American Art” for more than two decades.  He has exhibited at the National Academy of Design, Allied Artists of America and the Audubon Society in New York City.  His many credits include the Whitney Museum of American Art, The National Gallery of Nova Scotia, The National Ballet of Canada, and the Boston Ballet Company.​

Russell Jacques brother, Michael L. Jacques who also is a talented artist of considerable renown and an art educator was the first to leave the frigid North Easterly weather of New England for a sun-filled life in California.  Russell followed soon thereafter where he began honing his skills as a sculptor and painter.  He attributes a great deal of his success to his wife Linda Gregory, who, at that point in time owned the Gregory Gallery of Art and Design in Newport Beach, California.  She is attributed with introducing him to color and texture, which led to the varied style and technique he continues to incorporate into each work of art.​​

Jacques approaches his paintings in much the same way as he designs his sculpture.  Line, form, and quality are very present and important in his work.  His bold use of color is balanced by unique compositions and improvement within each piece.

“I love working with a variety of materials which include collage, oil, acrylic, ink, pencil, charcoal, crayon and more, using different medium combinations.  With his, I have discovered that I could produce some unexpected positive results, partly because I was willing to explore and take risks.  I believe that “making mistakes” is the key to originality…”  

Jacques equates his daily routine to a dandelion in an open windy field…his creative spores could go in any direction, at any time.  He simply listens to the thoughts and ideas that first enter his mind and begins working on a painting.  It may be that he would start the day working on drawings for sculpture, but by days end, the ideas have morphed into painting concepts.  Some might consider this a bit arbitrary, but to Jacques this is exactly what motivates and defines who he is and the paintings and sculpture he will create.​

The sculpture Jacques creates can be found in prominent museums, corporate and public art collections throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as installations in New Zealand, Mexico, Holland, England, and Nova Scotia.  Each piece, whether created in bronze or raw steel, pays homage to architectural design and his passion for geometric and linear elements.  His works are sometimes monumental in size and scale, as well as tabletop pieces that are equally elegant and captivating in design and execution.