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Scott Donadio


Scott Donadio, was born in Massachusetts in 1961.  Today, he is a highly regarded sculptor, living and working in both Santa Barbara, California and New Orleans, Louisiana.   


Working in stone is Scott’s passion. "I love stone," he says, "I have an uncontrollable urge to create, particularly the intangible.  His creative process involves seeking out what to his mind’s eye seems intangible and certainly unknown.  His dedication to his art and his prolific need to create, keeps Scott’s focus on an ongoing exploration of the creative process.  An image may appear in his mind and finding just right stone he sets out to extract this image from a piece of marble, granite or whatever stone he believes will give form to his ideas.  Scott often discovers a piece of stone that already bears much of what he visualizes as a completed sculpture.  He now draws on his skill at stone carving to give greater definition to what lies within the stone.    


Scott uses hammer and chisel as his primary tools. "I’m a cave-man and this rather archaic method is partly what intrigues me as an artist.”  While modern technology offers tools, that include diamond and carbide products, that does use from time to time, he still prefers the results he attains from his hammer and chisel.  “These are my essential fine art training instruments.” 


Scott may start with a larger stone than what he may need for a particular project, but sooner or later he realizes that he has to stop or the idea will simply go away; this creative process demands finalization before an end comes to the stone’s possibility for formation.  His love of Italian marbles is evident, having created many beautiful, one of a kind, abstract and traditional marble sculptures.  “Italian marble is a stone that behaves well, possesses a tight grain and has a very classic feel to it.  I also appreciate granite because it is super hard and because it takes millions of years to form, I need not worry that it will disappear from the earth, at least in my lifetime.”


Although selecting the right stone is a major part of Scott’s process, it is his creative vision that supersedes the beauty of the stone.  Even though Scott is considered a master of his artform, he is essentially self-taught.  His sculptures are in private collections around the world, including much of the U.S., Singapore, France, Italy and Sweden.  For years, Colin Fisher Studios has represented Scott Donadio exclusively in the desert and now his works are represented by JJ Harrington Gallery in the greater Palm Springs area. 


Having achieved much success with his stone sculptures, Scott successfully branched out and after more than 10 years, he continues to create many extraordinary, one-of-a-kind steel sculptures for both indoor and outdoor installation.  His steel sculptures range from tabletop pieces, to monumental works of art that are at once architectural and abstract in form.  Like his stone works, Scott’s steel sculptures are equally coveted and are part of many private collections and public installations. 



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