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Artist: Gregg Felsen

Title: "Wahweap Hoodoos"

Description:  Archival color pigment photographic print, edition 1 of 10, mounted on white cotton rag and framed in black molding under glass.

Print Dimensions: 34"H x 48"W

Other print sizes are available upon request


Wahweap Hoodoos


Formed over millions of years by the effects of erosion caused by water, wind, carbonic acid, and frost wedging, hoodoos are tall spindle-like irregularly shaped rock formations protruding from the bottom of arid basins.  Hoodoos do not maintain the same form from top to bottom and often look like faces, animals, or other familiar objects. Though rare, hoodoos can be found in various places throughout the world including Turkey, New Zeland, Italy, Canada, New Mexico, and Bryce Canyon in Utah where some of the best examples of hoodoo exist in the world.

"Wahweap Hoodoos" by Gregg Felsen

1 100,00$Prix
  • All Sales Are Final. The Gallery does not accept returns of art, sculpture or other items based on buyer’s remorse. Therefore, we do our best to provide excellent photos of the items listed for sale along with as much information and details as possible. Also, insurance is included with shipping costs and will cover any damage to art and other items during shipping.


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