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Fine artist Peri Gutierrez was born in 1972 between the mountains and the ocean of Santa Barbara, California.  Each of her pieces exhibits a raw quality that honors the natural treasures of the artist’s early environment.  Her undeniable connection to nature is readily visible in her work, which reflects the rich elements and beauty of her birthplace.

Peri’s work has an unusually large range, utilizing various media to express her ideas: oil, acrylic, encaustic, resin, and mixed media.  The artist creates compositions that are infused with a unique voice that dictates the materials to be used and the final message to be conveyed.

The artist’s inability to conform or accept rigid boundaries placed her on her own in the world at the early age of 17.  Her undeniable artistic eye was evident in her youth, winning her multiple awards throughout her teens.  Her discernible eye for shape, form, and color drew her to interior design, landscape design, and furniture design for many years, with no formal training.  Her innate passion for painting organically drew her to exhibit professionally for the first time in 2006.  The initial response to her work drove her clientele almost immediately to the world of collectors, celebrities, and world-renowned architects, solidifying her as an international selling contemporary abstract artist.

Peri’s early dedication to the disciplines of classical ballet infuses her artwork with dramatic fluidity and motion, setting the stage for an interactive connection with the viewer.  It is this very passion that underscores her temporary exit from the commercial art industry in 2009, in order to nurture the unique qualities and various talents in her own children. The deeply intense inclination to create, express and construct a shared experience has proved too strong for the artist.  She has chosen to re-emerge. Peri’s newest works represent a rebirth of imagery connected to the earth and deeply rooted in her evolution as a woman, wife, mother, creative spirit and artist.

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